Our Process


Step ONe

The Communication Exchange Session takes place at your home or convenient location of your choice. We ask that you do some homework and have pictures of construction and/or design ideas collected in foldersso we can discoveryour tastes, thoughts, and lifestyle. Believe it or not, a Harvey Residential Home Builders Professional can recognize similarities between the pictures even when you can’t.At this time, we also collect information about the site and what you envision in regard to your project.


step two

We send out a project analysis about your project. This report states exactly what the job entails, how long the project will take for completion, and the estimated projection cost of the project. Our estimate includes options for you from one of our fee structures or a combination of them. After you and your project manager of Harvey Residential Home Builders review the project analysis report, we can together discuss and determine if our firm and your vision are a match. Harvey Residential Home Builders believes we must spend quality time working on each job as if it were the only job we have, and we must also decide if the budget is feasible with what you envision for us to accept this project in your best interest.


Step Three

We All parties come together for the signing of the contract; at this time, and the contractual deposit is required. Harvey Residential Home Builders truly believes that construction, renovations, and design are all a process and from this point on, we suggest, select, secure all materials needed for the project. Because our clients all have different needs, occasionally we are asked for turn-key services where we provide everything from blueprints, construction, furniture and silverware.


Step Four

A comprehensive construction time schedule is also prepared. This affords you with a well-defined picture of what will take place at your site during the construction process. You will receive a monthly report analyzing the budget, change orders, progression of your project and proposed completion.


Step Five

For turn-key projects installation is something that occurs throughout the entire design process. When fixtures, equipment, or furnishings arrive at our receiving company, we will notify you and schedule all deliveries. A representative from Harvey Residential Home Builders will meet, inspect, and inventory all materials, needed for your project.


Step Six

This involves a final walk-through with a final progress report to affirm that everything is present as stated in the original contract. The final Design Fee balance is due and a release is signed by both parties.The above procedures are standard for most projects. Because each individual’s needs are important and no two projects are the same Harvey Residential Home Builders will work to accommodate your needs within your budget.


Preliminary Design

We tailor designs to your tastes, lifestyle, and location, creating conceptual drawings reflecting all project requirements before moving to Step Two.



After approval, we develop preliminary computer-drafted "block-out drawings," providing a glimpse of your future home's exterior elevations. We make revisions as needed to meet all design and project requirements.



After approving the preliminary "block-out drawings," we finalize your construction drawings to meet industry standards.

Our Build Process

Once the construction drawings are completed, we prepare a complete and detailed budget, and cost out every aspect of your home. Actual costs are shown line-item by line-item, and broken down by trade and sub-category, so you know with complete confidence exactly where every dollar is going.
As construction gets started, open and consistent communication is the most important factor for a smooth running, stress-free experience. We will schedule periodic meetings with you; to review interior and exterior finish material options, make selections, and to get updates on the construction progress.

We will also have “site walk-through’s” with you at key points of construction. In addition, our site manager will automatically email you a weekly construction report, outlining what took place at your site that week.

Ongoing collaboration between our team and yourself continues throughout the project and until it is completed. This ensures a pleasurable home building experience; and guarantees that your home will be finished on time and on budget, and at the highest level of quality.

Our personalized service continues after you move in. We want to make sure that everything is functioning properly and that you are enjoying every aspect of your new home.

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